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NII STALI research institute was established in May 1942 as an institution for design of tank armour. Nowadays NII STALI JSC is a leading Russian company for design of armour systems and materials for the Army combat vehicles and equipment; the company is engaged in development of ballistic protection, ERA, electromagnetic protection, radiation protection and signature management systems. The company is designing innovative armour and composite materials, developing explosion-safe technologies, multi-media training software; it uses its own production facilities to manufacture a wide range of personal protection equipment including body armor, EOD suites, ballistic helmets, electroshock devices etc. The products are exported to quite a number of foreign countries.

The main advantage of NII STALI JSC is its diversified structure which includes research, engineering and complete production cycle departments. This structure ensures shortest periods from the initial design stage to commissioning of pilot batch products. And maximum concentration on the fields of competence where the company holds the leading position allows it to work out technical solutions which are far ahead of their time and which lay the groundwork for future development of protection systems for military equipment and personnel.

The company boasts the state-of-the-art production facilities including machining workshops, welding, painting and assembly shops, a sewing workshop etc., as well as its own testing facilities (Test Centre) which enable a complete test cycle of any ballistic protection structure against different types of rounds, bullets and fragments.

Being a research institution, the company pays a lot of attention to research and development of innovative protection structures and complex protection technologies. The experience accumulated during decades of successful activities enables the company to offer its customers products which meet the most up-to-date requirements related to increased terrorist threat and the changing nature of modern warfare.